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Asus C21N1347 Laptop Battery

We provide high quality C21N1347 Laptop Battery at best prices! Brand New, one year warranty.

Compatible Part Numbers: X555LN-XO112H, X555LN-DM473H, X555LN-DM176H, X555LN, X555LD4210, and more.

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Battery Type: Li-polymer,
Battery Volt: 7.6 V,
Capacity: 4840mAh/38Wh,
Battery Color: Black,
Condition: 100% New,
Warranty: 12 months
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Compatible with Battery code:

For Asus



[ 0B200-01000000] [ 0B200-01000100] [ 0B200-01000200] [ 0B200-01000300] [ 0B200-01000400] [ 0B200-01000500] [ 0B200-01000700] [ 0B200-01200000] [ 0B200-01200100] [ 0B200-01200200] [ 0B200-01200300] [ 0B200-01200400] [ 2ICP4/63/134] [ C21N1347] [ C21PqCH]

Compatible with Laptop Models:

For Asus
















[A555] A555L, A555LD4010, A555LD4030, [ A555LD4210 Battery], A555LD5200, A555LF5200, A555LP5200, A556, A556U, DX992L, F550, F550JK, F554, F554L, F555, F555BA, F555BP-X0004T, F555BP-XO175T, F555L, F555LN, F555LN-XO055D, F555LN-XO355D, F555Y, F556U, FL5500, FL5500L, FL5600, [ FL5600L Battery], K555, K555L, K555LA-XO848H, K555LB, K555LB-XO474T, K555LD-XX284D, [ K555LD-XX286D Battery], K555LJ, K555LJ-XX1008T, K555LJ-XX1349T, [ K555LJ-XX135D Battery], K555LJ-XX974T, K555Z, R556, R556L, R556LN, R557, R557L, V405, V405LB, VivoBook F555BA, VivoBook F555BA-DM176T, VivoBook F555UA, VivoBook F555UA-XX030T, VivoBook F555UA-XX066T, VivoBook X555BA, VivoBook X555BA-XO006D, [ VivoBook X555BP Battery], VivoBook X555BP-DM257T, VivoBook X555BP-XO007D, VivoBook X555DA, VivoBook X555DA-WS11, VivoBook X555LA, [ VivoBook X555LA-XX046H Battery], VivoBook X555LA-XX092H, VivoBook X555LA-XX152H, [ VivoBook X555LA-XX2276T Battery], [ VivoBook X555LA-XX521D Battery], VivoBook X555LA-XX546H, VivoBook X555LB-DM137H, VivoBook X555LB-DM252H, VivoBook X555LB-XO060D, VivoBook X555LB-XO122H, VivoBook X555LB-XO238H, VivoBook X555LB-XO248H, VivoBook X555LB-XO275H, VivoBook X555LB-XO316H, VivoBook X555LD, VivoBook X555LD-XO067H, VivoBook X555LD-XO080H, VivoBook X555LD-XX087H, VivoBook X555LD-XX283H, VivoBook X555LD-XX326H, VivoBook X555LF, VivoBook X555LF-XO063H, [ VivoBook X555LJ Battery], VivoBook X555LJ-XO133H, VivoBook X555LJ-XO198H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX060H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX110H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX112H, [ VivoBook X555LJ-XX118H Battery], VivoBook X555LJ-XX131D, VivoBook X555LJ-XX145H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX196H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX228H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX230H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX353H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX389H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX392H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX394H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX397H, VivoBook X555LJ-XX995T, [ VivoBook X555LN-DM197H Battery], VivoBook X555LN-DM497H, VivoBook X555LN-X0112H, VivoBook X555LN-X0275H, VivoBook X555LN-XO031D, VivoBook X555LN-XO113H, VivoBook X555LN-XO275H, VivoBook X555LN-XO470H, VivoBook X555LN-XO500D, VivoBook X555LP, VivoBook X555LP-XO060H, [ VivoBook X555QA Battery], VivoBook X555SJ, VivoBook X555UA, VivoBook X555UA-XX030T, VivoBook X555UA-XX124T, VivoBook X555UJ-XO112T, VivoBook X555UJ-XX073T, [ VivoBook X555YA Battery], VivoBook X555YA-XO010T, VivoBook X555YI, VivoBook X555YI-XO028D, VivoBook X555YI-XX054T, VM400C, VM410L, [ VM510 Battery], VM510L, VM590, VM590L, VM590Z, W409L, W518L, W519, W519L, X551MA, X552EA, X552EP, X552MD, [ X552WE Battery], X554, X554L, X555, X555BA-BX901D, X555BA-RH91, X555BA-XO202T, X555BA-XX019T, X555BP-BX901D, X555BP-BX921T, X555BP-XX022D, X555BP-XX101T, X555BP-XX246T, X555DA-AS11, X555DA-SS10, X555DA-US11, X555DG-XO052, X555DG-XO091T, X555DG-XX027D, X555DG-XX033T, X555DG-XX133T, X555L, X555LA, X555LA-1A, X555LA-1B, X555LA-3C, X555LA-3D, X555LA-3E, X555LA-3F, X555LA-3G, X555LA-3H, X555LA-7K, [ X555LA-7L Battery], X555LA-DB71, X555LA-SI30202G, X555LA-XX036H, X555LA-XX046H, X555LA-XX053D, X555LA-XX060H, X555LA-XX092H, X555LA-XX152D, X555LA-XX152H, X555LA-XX2129T, X555LA-XX2276T, X555LA-XX2717T, [ X555LA-XX521D Battery], X555LA-XX521H, X555LA-XX546H, X555LB, X555LB-1A, X555LB-1B, X555LB-3C, X555LB-3D, X555LB-3E, X555LB-3F, X555LB-3G, [ X555LB-3H Battery], X555LB-DM137H, X555LB-DM223H, X555LB-DM252H, X555LB-XO017H, X555LB-XO040H, X555LB-XO040HH, X555LB-XO060D, X555LB-XO101H, X555LB-XO122H, X555LB-XO141D, X555LB-XO190H, X555LB-XO238D, X555LB-XO238H, [ X555LB-XO246H Battery], X555LB-XO247H, X555LB-XO248H, X555LB-XO275H, X555LB-XO294D, X555LB-XO316H, X555LB-XO359H, X555LB-XX002T, X555LB-XX127T, X555LD, X555LD-1A, X555LD-1B, X555LD-3C, X555LD-3D, [ X555LD-3E Battery], X555LD-3F, X555LD-3G, X555LD-3H, X555LD-7K, X555LD-7L, X555LD-XO034H, X555LD-XO052H, X555LD-XO067H, X555LD-XO069H, X555LD-XO078H, X555LD-XO080H, X555LD-XO338H, X555LD-XO412H, X555LD-XO549H, X555LD-XX062H, X555LD-XX087H, [ X555LD-XX167H Battery], X555LD-XX221H, X555LD-XX283H, X555LD-XX325H, X555LD-XX326H, X555LD-XX717H, X555LD4010, X555LD4030, X555LD4210, X555LF, X555LF-1A, [ X555LF-1B Battery], X555LF-3C, X555LF-3D, X555LF-3E, X555LF-3F, X555LF-3G, X555LF-3H, X555LF-XO052H, X555LF-XO063H, X555LF-XO075H, X555LF-XO147H, X555LF-XO188T, X555LF-XO282T, X555LF-XO393D, X555LF-XX245T, X555LI, [ X555LI-1A Battery], X555LI-1B, X555LI-7K, X555LJ, X555LJ-1A, X555LJ-2A, X555LJ-2B, X555LJ-3C, X555LJ-3D, X555LJ-3E, X555LJ-3F, [ X555LJ-3G Battery], X555LJ-3H, X555LJ-7K, X555LJ-7L, X555LN, X555LN-1A, X555LN-1B, X555LN-3C, X555LN-3D, X555LN-3E, X555LN-3F, X555LN-3G, [ X555LN-3H Battery], X555LN-DM176H, X555LN-DM197H, X555LN-DM473H, X555LN-DM497H, [ X555LN-XO002D Battery], X555LN-XO004D, X555LN-XO029H, X555LN-XO031D, X555LN-XO034H, X555LN-XO062H, X555LN-XO112H, [ X555LN-XO115H Battery], X555LN-XO126H, X555LN-XO244H, X555LN-XO246H, X555LN-XO252D, X555LN-XO420H, X555LN-XX026H, X555LN-XX058D, X555LN-XX308D, X555LP, X555LP-1A, X555LP-1B, X555LP-7K, X555QA-BH10, X555QA-BH12, X555QA-DH12, X555QA-DM2019T, X555QG-BX121D, X555QG-BX221D, X555QG-DM015T, X555QG-DM039D, [ X555QG-DM093T Battery], X555QG-DM116T, X555QG-DM130T, [ X555QG-DM206D Battery], X555QG-DM242, X555QG-DM253T, X555QG-DM278D, X555QG-DM397T, X555QG-XO052T, [ X555QG-XO164T Battery], X555QG-XO299T, X555QG-XO308T, X555QG-XX058T, X555QG-XX068T, X555QG-XX111T, X555QG-XX157T, X555QG-XX262T, X555QG-XX283T, X555QG-XX385T, [ X555QG-XX423T Battery], X555SJ-XO001D, X555SJ-XO011T, X555SJ-XO020D, X555UA, [ X555UA-1A Battery], X555UA-1B, X555UA-3E, X555UA-3F, X555UA-3G, X555UA-DM062T, X555UA-XO073T, X555UA-XO136T, X555UA-XO220D, X555UA-XX030T, X555UA-XX039T, X555UA-XX066T, X555UA-XX124T, X555UB, X555UB-1A, X555UB-1B, [ X555UB-3C Battery], X555UB-3E, X555UB-3F, X555UB-3G, X555UB-3H, X555UB-3I, X555UB-3J, X555UB-DM106T, X555UB-NS71, X555UB-XO064D, X555UB-XO064T, X555UB-XO105T, [ X555UB-XO138T Battery], X555UB-XO139T, X555UB-XX018T, X555UB-XX077T, [ X555UB-XX299T Battery], X555UF, X555UF-1B, X555UF-3E, X555UF-3F, X555UF-3G, X555UF-XO013T, X555UJ, X555UJ-1A, X555UJ-1B, X555UJ-3E, [ X555UJ-3F Battery], X555UJ-3G, X555UJ-XO112T, X555UJ-XO113T, X555UJ-XX073T, X555UJ-XX124T, X555UQ, X555UQ-3C, X555UQ-3I, X555UQ-3J, X555UQ-XO075T, [ X555UQ-XX305T Battery], X555YA, X555YA-1B, X555YA-7K, X555YA-7L, X555YA-DB84Q, X555YA-XO010D, X555YA-XO010T, X555YA-XO015T, X555YA-XX008T, X555YA-XX069D, X555YA-XX088, X555YA-XX114T, X555YI, X555YI-7K, [ X555YI-7L Battery], X555YI-XO014D, X555YI-XO014T, X555YI-XO028D, X555YI-XO103T, X555YI-XX022D, X555YI-XX054T, X555YI-XX057T, X555YI-XX108D, X555YI-XX135, X555YI-XX163, Y483LD, Y583, [ Y583L Battery], Y583LD, Y58LD.

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Fits the Following Models:

Compatible Models: Asus X555LB-XO247H, Asus K555LB, Asus X555

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