Replacement ACER PA-1300-04 ADP-30JH B Aspire one 19V 1.58A 30W AC Power Adapter

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Replacement ACER PA-1300-04 ADP-30JH B Aspire one 19V 1.58A 30W AC Power Adapter

  • Input:100-240V~ 50-60HZ 1.0A
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current:1.58A
  • Power: 30W
  • Weight( Adapter only ) :160g
  • Dimension( L x W x H ):85.10x 36.20 x 26.30mm
  • Plug Size: 5.5×1.7mm
  • Original / Genuine : Yes

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

25.LP20Q.003, ADP-30JH B, ADP-30MH BC, AP.03001.002, HP-A0301R3, LC.ADT00.006, PA-1300-04

Fits the Following Models:

Aspire One 751h, AOA110-1626, A110-1955, A150-Bc, Aspire One A0A110-1722 Series, D150-1125, Aspire One A150-1126, A150-1126, Aspire One AOA150-1140, ASPIRE ONE A150-1006, NETBOOK ZG8, AOD150-1462, A150-1249, A110-Bw, Aspire One A150-1890, ASPIRE ONE A150-AW, A150-Bw, S200HL, AOA150-1887, D150-1577, AOA150-1505, ASPIRE ONE A150-1890, D150-1165, D150-1606, D150-1B, A110-Bb, ASPIRE ONE A150-1447, ASPIRE ONE A110L, AOA150-1706, AOA110-1295, AOA150-1786, AOA150-1635, Aspire One 531h, AOD150-1577, Aspire One AOA110-1295 Series, AOA150-1405, A150X blau, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1435, A110-Aw, AOD150-1044, AOD150-1322, A110X Black Edition, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-AB, A110-BGb, ASPIRE ONE A150-BB1, Aspire One A110L Series, ASPIRE ONE 8.9\\\" (ALL) MINI LAPTOP SERIES: Aspire One A110-1295, A110-1831, ASPIRE ONE A110X, D150-1462, A110L blau, Aspire One AOA150-1405, AOD150-1860, A150-1532, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1001, AOA150-1447, A150-Bb, AOA150-1983, AOA150-1483, D150-1Bk, AOA150-1690, ASPIRE ONE A110-1295, A150-1493, ASPIRE ONE ZG8, Aspire One A150-Bb1, AOA150-1141, AOA110-1995, AOA150-1622, A110-BGw, AOD150-1587, A150-1006, A110-Agc, AOA150-1126, AOA150-1987, AOA110-1831, A150-1983, Aspire One ZG5, Aspire One AOA110-1626 series, AOD150-1240, AOA150-1777, ASPIRE ONE A150-1049, AOA150-1679, Aspire One A150-Aw, AOA150-1083, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1840, AOA110-1588, Aspire One 8.9\\\", Aspire One ZG5(Linux), AOA150-1742, Aspire One AOA110-1982, A110-1545, AOA110-1041, Aspire One A150-Bb, AOD150-1920, AOD150-1669, A110-1295, Aspire One AOA150-1672, A150-BGc, A110-1812, AOD150-1197, Aspire One A150-1249, Aspire One AOA150-1001, ASPIRE ONE AOA110-1982, AOA150-1329, AOA150-1553, Aspire One A150L Series, ASPIRE ONE: A110-AB, AOD150-1125, A110-Ab, P1VE6, Aspire One AOA150-1840, AOD150-1186, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1649, AOD150-1165, D150-1920, D150-1860, AOA150-1949, Aspire One A110X, Aspire One AOA150-1570, Aspire One AOA150-1435, NETBOOK KAV60, Aspire One A110-AB, PAV01, ASPIRE ONE ZG5(LINUX), A150-1570, Aspire One A150X Series, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1672, AOA150-1178, Aspire One AOA110-1722, Aspire One AOA110-1295, A110L weiss, AOA150-1029, ASPIRE ONE A150L, AOA150-1400, AOA150-1784, ASPIRE ONE ZA3, AOA150-1348, A110-Bc, A110L, AOA150-1382, D150-1044, A110-1722, AOA150-1649, D150-1587, Aspire One D150, Aspire One A150-1049, Aspire One D250, Aspire One AOA150-1126, Aspire One A110L, D150-1Br, AOA150-1798, AOA150-1672, AOA150-1485, Aspire One AOA110-1283, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1777, ZE6, ASPIRE ONE A150-1249, A110-1691, ASPIRE ONE AOA110-1722, A150-Bb1, A110-1698, A150-1382, AOA150-1359, Aspire One AOA150-Ab, ASPIRE ONE AOA110-1295, A110-Ac, ASPIRE ONE A150-1126, ASPIRE ONE A110-AB, A110X, NETBOOK ZG5, D150-1647, A150-BGb, A150-1672, A150X weiss, AOA150-1035, A150-BGw, AOA150-1049, Aspire One A150X, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1126, AOA150-1316, Aspire One AOA150-1006 Series, ASPIRE ONE A150-BB, AOA110-1834, AOA150-1435, S191HQL, AOA110-1137, A150-Ab, AOA150-1905, AOA150-1068, AOA150-1172, AOA150-1570, A150-1890, AOA110-1662, ZH9, A150-Bw1, A150-Bk1, NETBOOK 751H, S200HQL LCD MONITOR SCREEN, Aspire One 10.1\\\", A150-Bk, Aspire One A150L, AOD150-1647, Aspire One A150-1006, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1140, A110-AGb, Aspire One AOA150-1777, A150-1447, A150-Aw, AOA150-1444, AOA150-1555, A110-1948, D150-1197, A150L weiss, P0VE6, AOA150-1504, ASPIRE ONE AOA110-1283, A150L blau, AOD150-1739, Aspire One AOA150-1649, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1570, AOA150-1864, D150-1322, AOD150-1606, ASPIRE ONE A150X, ASPIRE ONE AOA150-1405, A150-Ac, ASPIRE ONE SERIES, Aspire One A150-1447, A150-1049

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