Replacement Lenovo ThinkPad E450 45N1757 45N1756 Battery

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Replacement Lenovo ThinkPad E450 45N1757 45N1756 Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 11.3V, Capacity: 4200mAh/47Wh, Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

3ICP7/38/65, 45N1756, 45N1757, ASM 45N1756, FRU 45N1757, 45N1752, 45N1753, 45N1754, 45N1755

Fits the Following Models:

ThinkPad E455(20DE000ECD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA00YCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA002CD), ThinkPad E450, ThinkPad E450(20DCA03HCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA02GCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA034CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA01XCD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA00WCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA016CD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA00VCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA00FCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00SCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA05MCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA01GCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA008CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA013CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01LCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA007CD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA003CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA025CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA073CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA02FCD), Lenovo ThinkPad E450, ThinkPad E460(20ET0040CD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00TCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA033CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA011CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA01YCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA002CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA003CD), ThinkPad E455(20DE0003CD), ThinkPad E455, ThinkPad E450(20DCA01KCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA015CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA05NCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA035CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01QCD), ThinkPad E460(20ET0020CD), ThinkPad E450C(20EH0001CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00YCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA036CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA024CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00FCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA050CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA014CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA028CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA01WCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01PCD), ThinkPad E460, ThinkPad E450(20DCA02LCD), ThinkPad E455(20DE000BCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EH0000CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA05SCD), ThinkPad E460(20ET0045CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA04XCD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA01FCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03GCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00DCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA027CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA022CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00BCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA02FCD), ThinkPad E460(20ET003YCD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA01GCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01NCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA001CD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA000CD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA005CD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA00HCD), ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00JCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA001CD), ThinkPad E460(20ET0044CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA07NCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03FCD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA006CD), Lenovo E450, ThinkPad E450(20DCA02MCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA023CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA05PCD), ThinkPad E450C, ThinkPad E450(20DCA03ACD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01JCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA01HCD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA003CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA07JCD), ThinkPad E455(20DEA00MCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA00CCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA00ECD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA02GCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA00GCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA00DCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA03XCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01HCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA026CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA07XCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA04YCD), ThinkPad E460(20ETA020CD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA06LCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA023CD), ThinkPad E460-20ETA0-0DCD, ThinkPad E450(20DCA00UCD), ThinkPad E450(20DCA01MCD)

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