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LG LB32111B LB52113B Laptop Battery

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Battery Type: Li-ion, Battery Volt: 11.1 V, Capacity: 4400 mAh, Battery Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

LB32111B, LB52113B, LB52113D, LHBA06ANONE, LMBA06.AEX, LSBA06.AEX

Fits the Following Models:

LG LW70 Express, LG S1 Pro Express Dual, LG LM60-3B5C1, LG LS45 Series, LG LS55 Series, LG LW60-QCMA, LG R1 Series, LG R405, LG LW75 Series, LG LS75 Series, LG LM60 Express, LG LW60-B3M44A, LG R400 Series, LG R1-C001A9, LG LS50 Series, LG LS75 Express, LG R405-S.CPCDG, LG LS50-AGHF1, LG R400-5222A3, LG LM70 Express, LG LW60-D2JA, LG S1 Express Dual, LG LS55 Express, LG LW70-QJMA, LG RD400-5D2A2, LG LW60 Series, LG T1 Express Dual, LG R1 Pro Express Dual, LG LE50 Series, LG R405-S.CPCBG, LG LM Series, LG LS55-1GJA, LG LM40 Series, LG V1-W4WHV, LG LS50-AGHU1, LG R400-52HGP1, LG LW40 Express, LG LS70 Express, LG R400-EP23A3, LG T1 Series, LG LW65 Express, LG LW40 Series, LG LS55-1EFA, LG LW60-BAJA, LG S1 Series, LG LW70-QLZA, LG LM50 Series, LG LM60 Series, LG LM60-CBJA, LG R405-G.CPB1A9, LG LW60 Express, LG R405-GB02A9, LG R405-GP01A9, LG R400-MP22A3, LG LW60-DBJA, LG R405-G.CPBSA9, LG LW65 Series, LG R405-G.CBB1A9, LG LW75 Express, LG LM70-QKXA, LG LW70 Series, LG RD400, LG LM70 Series, LG R405-SPCAG, LG LS70 Series, LG R1-C002A9, LG V1 Series

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