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Replacement BTY-L78 Laptop Battery For MSI GT62 GT62VR GT80 GT80S GT73 GT73VR GT83 GT83VR GT75 GT75VR MS-1812 MS-1814

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Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.4V
Capacity: 5225mAh/75.24WH
Color: Black
Condition: New in a safe package
Warranty: 1 year warranty!



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Compatible with:


GT62VR 6RD, GT62VR 6RE, GT62VR-6RE, GT63 8RF-015CN, GT63 Titan 8RG-014CN, GT73EVR 7RE TITAN, GT73EVR 7RE-839, GT73EVR 7RF TITAN PRO, GT73VR 6RE-013CN, GT73VR 6RE4K32SR451, GT73VR 6RF TITAN PRO, GT73VR 7RE, GT73VR 7RE-451CN, GT73VR 7RF-296, GT73VR 7RF-450CN, GT75 8RF-037DE, GT75 8RG-002CN, GT75 8RG-090, GT75 Titan, GT75 TITAN 8RG-085CN, GT75 Titan 8RG-271CN, GT75Titan8RG, GT75VR, GT75VR 7RE, GT75VR 7RE-093, GT75VR 7RF-033, GT75VR 8RF-003CN, GT75VR TITAN, GT80 2QE-040CN, GT80 TITAN SLI, GT80 TITAN SLI-071, GT80-2QE16SR221BW, GT80-2QES32SR311BW, GT80S, GT80S 6QD-267CN, GT80S 6QE-050CN, GT80S 6QE-268CN, GT80S TITAN SLI-012, GT80S-6QE, GT80S-6QEX32SR42BW, GT83 8RF, GT83 8RG-008, GT83 TITAN 8RG-020CN, GT83VR, GT83VR 6RE-007CN, GT83VR 6RF TITAN SLI, GT83VR 6RF-64SR451, GT83VR 7RE-094, GT83VR 7RF-094, GT83VR 7RF-206, MS-16L1, MS-1814