Replacement for 5B10K90778 LAPTOP BATTERY 4-cell 7.6V 6960mAh Lenovo L15L4PC2

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5B10K90778 Laptop Battery For Lenovo L15L4PC2 This is a brand new 5B10K90778 replacement battery for the Lenovo L15L4PC2 battery part number. Additional compatible battery part numbers are listed below.

Our battery factory is located in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen has a sound battery supply chain and advanced battery production and R&D technology, which can provide high-quality and affordable high-quality batteries. Now, most of the world’s battery products are produced in Shenzhen, China.

This 5B10K90778 battery features a full 1 Year warranty and each battery is charged and tested before it ships. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We are so confident in the quality of our batteries, we will pay for any and all shipping expenses if our product fails to perform in the first 30 days you have our battery.

Tech Specs

Model: 5B10K90778

Tech Specs Condition: Brand New


Capacity: 6960mAh

Battery color: Black

Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty. 30-day full satisfaction guarantee

This battery replaces the following Dell battery part numbers:

5B10K90778, 5B10K90802, L15L4PC2, L15M4PC2

Fit Models:

YOGA 710-14ISK-ISE, Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0000HRA), Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40000HH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002JGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4003ARA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004BGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004NMH, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000RGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY003GCK, Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5000JRK), Yoga 710-14ISK, Yoga 710-15ISK(80U00005US), YOGA 710-14ISK-IFI, Yoga 710-15ISK(80UD01AMGE), Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40001HH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40034RA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4003RPB, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004JGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4006FGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000SGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY003HCK, Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50000US), Yoga 710-15ISK, Yoga 710-15ISK(80U00006US), Yoga 710-14IKB, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002HGE, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40036RA, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V40048MH, Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4004KGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000QGE, Yoga 710-14ISK 80TY000TGE, Yoga 710-15IKB, Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50009US), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0), YOGA 710-14

Note: Not all compatible model is listed. So If you don’t see your model on the list please contact us support, we may be able to assist you in determining whether the Laptop Battery will fit with your laptop or not.