Toshiba PA3788U-1BRS PA3787U-1BRS PA3786U-1BRS Battery

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Toshiba PA3788U-1BRS PA3787U-1BRS PA3786U-1BRS Battery

Battery Type: Ni-ion, Battery Volt: 10.8 V, Capacity: 4800 mAh, Battery Color:Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

PA3786U-1BRS, PA3787U-1BRS, PA3788U-1BRS, PABAS221, PABAS222, PABAS223

Fits the Following Models:

Dynabook Satellite L45 240E/HD, TECRA S11-16P, SATELLITE PRO S500-130, TECRA S11-166, TECRA S11-0CP, DYNABOOK SATELLITE K40 213Y/HDX, Tecra A11-12Q, TECRA M11-S3412, Tecra A11-11H, TECRA M11-11K, TECRA A11-197, TECRA S11-010, SATELLITE PRO S500-14Z, Dynabook Satellite K46 266E/HD, Dynabook Satellite PB551CBBN75A51, TECRA A11-16R, SATELLITE PRO S500-147, Tecra A11-11E, TECRA S11-114, TECRA M11-120, TECRA A11-16X, SATELLITE PRO S500-11E, SATELLITE PRO S500-140, TECRA M11-15W, TECRA S11-113, TECRA M11-107, TECRA S11-14U, Tecra M11-ST3502, Tecra A11-10E, TECRA M11-16R, TECRA A11-19L, Dynabook Satellite PB651CBBNKEA51, TECRA A11-17G, SATELLITE PRO S500-10E, Dynabook Satellite L41 240Y/HD, TECRA S11-173, Tecra M11-W3421, TECRA M11-01L, TECRA M11-14J, Tecra A11-S3531, Tecra A11-ST3501, DYNABOOK SATELLITE L45 266E/HDX, Tecra A11-W3540, DYNABOOK SATELLITE B650/B, Tecra A11-S3510, TECRA A11-S3532, TECRA M11-036, Dynabook Satellite PB551CEBN75A51, Tecra A11-11L, TECRA M11-S3411, Dynabook Satellite PB651CAPNKEA51, Tecra M11 Series, TECRA M11-174, SATELLITE PRO S500-11C, TECRA A11-153, Tecra A11-S3540, TECRA A11-16V, TECRA A11-16Z, Tecra A11-114, TECRA M11-S3422, TECRA A11-105, TECRA M11-135, Tecra A11-001, Tecra A11-110, SATELLITE PRO S500-15K, TECRA A11-1D4, dynabook Qosmio V65 Series, TECRA M11-035, TECRA A11-1EW, Tecra A11-12C, SATELLITE PRO S500-15E, TECRA A11-14J, TECRA S11-11G, TECRA M11-11J, Tecra A11-ST3502, TECRA A11-S3522, TECRA A11-S3511, Dynabook Satellite L41 266Y/HD, TECRA M11-14L, TECRA M11-01K, Tecra A11 Series, Tecra M11-S3410, Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HDX, DYNABOOK SATELLITE L40 213Y/HD, Tecra A11-11Q, TECRA A11-07J, TECRA A11-152, TECRA M11-ST3510, TECRA S11-15H, TECRA M11-148, Tecra A11-S3530, TECRA S11-13M, Tecra A11-00P, TECRA M11-17M, TECRA A11-1E5, Tecra A11-10D, Tecra M11-ST3501, Tecra A11-12P, Tecra M11-S3430, TECRA A11-14K, TECRA S11-0CS, TECRA M11-S3440, SATELLITE PRO S500-138, Tecra A11-128, Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HD, TECRA M11-132, TECRA S11-00Y, Tecra M11-S3420, SATELLITE PRO S500-11T, SATELLITE PRO S500-131, TECRA A11-19P, TECRA M11-037, Satellite Pro S500-158, TECRA A11-1EV, TECRA M11-15U, Tecra A11-127, TECRA M11-15M, TECRA M11-ORACLE, TECRA A11-1JZ, TECRA M11-119, TECRA A11-1HZ, TECRA S11-0CR, TECRA A11-1JW, DYNABOOK SATELLITE K45 266E/HDX, Satellite Pro S500-15W, TECRA A11-1ET, TECRA M11-11L, DYNABOOK SATELLITE K45 266E/HD, Tecra A11-125, DYNABOOK SATELLITE K45 240E/HD, TECRA S11-15G, TECRA A11-196, Tecra A11-11N, DYNABOOK SATELLITE L45 266E/HD, TECRA A11-ST3504, Tecra A11-11Z, TECRA M11-12P, TECRA M11-003, Tecra A11-126, Tecra A11-S3520, Tecra A11-ST3500, TECRA M11-130, TECRA M11-S3421, TECRA A11-16W, TECRA S11-124, Tecra A11-113, Dynabook Satellite K45 240E/HD, TECRA M11-01P, Satellite Pro S500-156, Dynabook Satellite PB651CBPNKEA51, Tecra A11-00Q, dynabook Satellite PXW Series, TECRA M11-01J, DYNABOOK SATELLITE K40 226Y/HDX, Dynabook Satellite PB651CABNKEA51, TECRA A11-1FW, Dynabook Satellite K46 266E/HDX, Tecra A11-S3521, TECRA A11-07H, Tecra A11-11G, TECRA A11-18N, SATELLITE PRO S500-12V, Tecra A11-11J, TECRA A11-14L, TECRA S11-11P, TECRA M11-15X, TECRA A11-17H, Tecra A11-00N, TECRA A11-19E, DYNABOOK SATELLITE K40 226Y/HD, Dynabook Satellite PB551CAPN75A51, DYNABOOK SATELLITE L45 240E/HDX, DYNABOOK SATELLITE L40 226Y/HD, TECRA A11-15P, TECRA A11-ST3503, TECRA A11-S3512,

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