UBBattery chooses the laptop batteries to sell based on their excellent designs and proven hardware reliability. We check all of your orders during the packing stage to make sure that accessories are included.

We have a strict testing process to ensure that your ordered products are functionally correct before they are packed and sent to you.

Starting on the delivery date, all batteries are covered by a 30-day guarantee for refund or replacement and 12-months warranty for replacement. The delivery date here means the date of pick up.


30-Day Money Back

All batteries are covered by 30-Day Money Back! Customers may request a refund or a one-to-one exchange with us within 30 days from the delivery date.

Please note: in order to qualify to get your money back, you must first contact us and await instructions before sending back your product.

1-Year Warranty

We offer 12 months warranty on our all batteries! When it is something wrong under warranty, we will directly send you a new battery rather than a repaired battery to avoid extra troubles.

Warranty Details

The following conditions are not covered under the battery warranty:

  • Batteries ordered from other merchants.
  • Product that exceeds the warranty period.
  • Damage caused by customer’s incorrect operation or insufficient protection.
  • Damage caused by act of God, fire, flood, war, act of violence or any similar occurrence.
  • Removal of warranty stickers or tampering with internal battery components.
  • By modification or service by professionals other than irelandbattery.com.

Please note: The maximum capacity of all rechargeable batteries fades with time depending on the applications and usage patterns. This is considered normal; therefore, a change in battery capacity is not covered under warranty.