Which laptops have the lengthiest battery life of them all?

Whether you own a powerhouse gaming notebook or a super-light Ultrabook, your laptop doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if it doesn’t offer good battery life. The idea behind the notebook PC is that it should let you work and play on the go, but if you constantly have to plug it in to juice it up, that defeats the purpose of owning such a portable device in the first place. Battery life .

Google Chrome Has Been Draining Laptop Batteries for Years

If you’re running Windows 7 or earlier on a laptop and you use Google Chrome as your Web browser, your battery is being unnecessarily drained. With Windows 8 and later, the problem no longer exists, and thanks to a recent report in Forbes, Google itself has finally committed to fixing the issue, which it has known about for six years. The reason Chrome has been killing battery life and slowing down laptop performance is .

How to extend the life of your laptop battery

Batteries don’t last forever. Like everything except diamonds and viral tweets, they eventually wear out. But with proper care, a laptop battery can still carry a sufficient charge until you’re ready to move on to a better laptop. But it’s a tradeoff. Taking the best care of your laptop battery just may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. So let me start with a less effective, but more practical approach: When you’re .